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Do you struggle with meal prepping? Do you feel you don’t have enough time to prepare meals each week?

Living life on the go can be extremely difficult for those who are trying to reach their fitness goals. The time it takes to prepare healthy meals is hard to fit into a busy week. You may feel like it is impossible to stay on top of your diet because you just don’t have enough time to worry about every meal you eat. Maybe this is your excuse to eat out or give up. Well, the truth is that there are no excuses, and now I’ll explain why.

I have been in this exact position. It’s not that I dislike cooking, but I find it extremely hard to find the time to meal prep for my week. It seems that there is always something more important that needs to be done first. By the time I finish dealing with the responsibilities of work, school, sticking to my exercise plan, and whatever else may come my way, I just want to lie down! Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to start buying microwaveable meals. Trust me, I’ve tried them all, and I can tell you that the packaging is deceiving 95% of the time. It does not actually look like the lasagna on the box, and it DEFINITELY does not taste like it.

A couple months ago, I discovered Icon Meals. Icon Meals is a meal delivery company that delivers my meals every week on the day of my choice. Their menu changes weekly, and I find that the meals taste fresh and home cooked. All I have to do to prepare each meal is put it in the microwave for a few minutes. I have been sampling all of Icon Meal’s options for the past month and recently established a partnership to be an Icon Meals Ambassador.

I pride myself on never endorsing items I don’t truly believe in. If you know me or have spent any time with me recently, you have probably seen me with my Icon meals. I am constantly traveling, and Icon Meals makes my dieting so much easier because I can take meals with me or even have them delivered to different states.

This might not be the option for everyone, but it’s all about finding the right method that works for you specifically. I don’t usually order every single meal of the week from Icon because there are certain times that I know I will be eating out or will want to cook. However, it is great for traveling, on the go, and times where you aren’t sure how hectic your schedule for the week may be.

If you’d like to try Icon Meals I encourage you to use my code “kendall” to save money. I would also be more than happy to give you any choice recommendations. I happen to be a huge fan of the brisket sliders and Homestyle pancake breakfast!

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